MEET DI$MAL: People to Watch 2020

Di$mal is a 21-year-old rapper and computer science graduate from Nottingham. Di$mal makes extensive use of versatility within the sphere of rap genres, but has a central focus on Alternative and Hip-Hop Genres.


Di$mal derives his music from the music that influenced him growing up, such as Kid Cudi. He described the feeling of ‘getting lost in it’ and ‘drifting off into his own’ when listening to the likes of the aforementioned Kid Cudi, as well as, Mac Miller and ASAP Rocky. The 21-year-old rapper, with over 2,400 monthly listeners on Spotify, expressed that he has always ‘felt connected with creativity’ and that even at one point in his life, he wanted to be writer. However, after much contemplation, he decided that rapping is his vocation.

Career Aims

Di$mal’s aims are straightforward but powerful. He voiced the want to be ‘comfortable doing what he wants to do.’ He wishes to perform more regularly, as well as, create a network in which his music can be relatable for people on an international level. Di$mal articulated intentions to relocate to LA in the future to extend his music career to America.

Has he had an encounter in which being a Person Of Colour has negatively impacted him within his career?

Di$mal clarified that the negative racial experiences that he was on the receiving end of, were based upon ignorant stereotypes of Asian men. He discussed the issue that, in school, people would make uninformed assumptions that all Asian men treat women poorly and would, therefore project this onto him. ‘People would expect me to treat women badly’ he explained. He then went onto say that he believed that ‘school is like a prison’ and that ‘is just how it is designed, therefore, racism is going to happen.’ He alleged that a lot of these experiences could’ve been prevented ‘if the teachers had done a better job’ at educating the pupils, as well as themselves, of the different cultures within society. Despite these unfortunate experiences, Di$mal has decided not to let them affect him. He reasoned, ‘People are just ignorant, kids get brainwashed by parents,’ he then stated that he is ‘not going to throw hate, instead he will make them see differently and then carry on with his life.’

Aims for the World in Terms of Racism

Within his career, Di$mal aims to inspire Asian people to ‘do what they want to do’ and pursue their dreams. He wants to become a role model in which people can look up to him.

'If I can do it, you can do it.'

Di$mal encourages young people of colour not to give up. He advises against letting ‘situations tear you down’ and urges people of colour to ‘remain strong and tough’ because he believes that this is the approach that you have to take in order to be successful in this world. He took this very approach growing up in which describes himself as being ‘very shy and introverted.’ However, he decided to change his way of life by eating healthier and wanting better for himself, and with that came his confidence within his career. His message for people of colour of today is, ‘if I can do it, you can do it.’





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